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Introducing The...

Bum Marketing Method

Jeannie & Travis

My wife (Jeannie) named this the "Bum Marketing Method" because she thinks it is so easy that I could take a bum off the street...take him to the public library...and have him earning cash within a week.

14,536 folks have taken my free course and I know for certain, I have helped over 1000 people earn their very first paychecks with internet marketing...with no start up capital...

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That is not what I am about...

Here Is What I Am Going To Teach You:

How to get a profit pulling ad or message on Google Free and within 2 days to a week!...Absolutely NOBODY is teaching this...let alone even mentioning it!

How to get your ad or message on Yahoo and MSN too...

How to make your first Clickbank sale...and then keep Bum Marketing until you are earning a full time income from Clickbank alone...

And how to do the same with virtually any other affiliate network or product...there are thousands of opportunities for you to earn huge bank with...

How to use the same method to drive a lot of free traffic to your AdSense pages or opt-in pages...

How to make money without a website and no programming skills...

Turn an hour or two a day of your spare time into a new car, a nicer home, or use it as a catapult to financial freedom from bosses and slave labor!

A simple plan to earn $1800 a month within 90 days...cash not required...but you may get a blister on your little finger from all the typing.


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Why Is This Course Free? I have been extremely blessed with my online business and this is my way of giving back...Listen...my time is very valuable...I answer dozens of emails every day... and once I can give no more...I will have to pull this free course. 

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 Testimonials (All testimonials are on file.)


...within a few days I had my first sale!
Phil B.

Hey Travis,

Just a quick note to say thanks for the bum marketing system. It has so much potential.

Within 3 days of using the bum marketing method, I am number 4 on google with 1.5 MILLION competing pages!!! Adwords would have cost me $2 a click to advertise on the first page. Excellent result.

Cheers for everything,
I have been Bummmarketing for a little bit more than 6 weeks...Currently I make around $50 PER DAY from Bummarketing.

It works for me!
Sandra - From Forum Post at Ewealth.com

Just watched your video ...

J.F. (Jim) Straw

I began using your Bum Marketing Method one month ago and my official profit count for the month of September goes like this:

Adsense: $77.12 (that's a 7 fold increase from last month)

Clickbank: $ 53.92 (2 sales in less than 2 weeks)

Outside affiliate program $97.00 (2 sales in less than 2 weeks)

Total $ 228.04

I'm beside myself with joy and my family is impressed! My goal is to double that amount each month from now on.

I can't thank you enough!
RA Welch
Hello Travis,

Just a short note to say 'thanks a million' for your
generosity in sharing your easy, time-saving,
money-making secrets with the rest of us who have been
trying for years and months and weeks, and who have
lost so much to the scavengers of cyberspace, with
little or nothing to show for it... except pure
heartbreaks and sadness.

Again, a terribly long sentence, but it couldn't be
helped. :-0

I found your website only by accident last night as I
tried to do my due diligence on the "inside-the-list-
website, which sounded far too good to be true.

And by the way, it took me quite a few years, and
almost an emptied pocket of my hard, earned cash to
finally wake up and realize I needed to look out for
myself... because the cyberspace scavengers will
certainly not be doing it for me. And who can blame

Anyway, Travis, I just wanted to say, "Thanks a

You have a huge heart, and behalf of the rest of us, I
wanted to express tremendous gratitude for the "Bum
Marketing" system.

Much blessing on you and your wonderful family,
Travis. Do enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Very blessed regards,

Just wanted to let you know that your course contained more usable
information than some I have paid a considerable amount of money to read.

Thank you for sharing
Nathan W.
Fort Smith, Arkansas

To some up everything you've done for me would be impossible. I started out marketing with a website that went no where. I kept trying and trying to make money online, then I came across your link in the Rich Jerk forum. Since then, I've made lots of money with your BMM, and I continue to do so.

Thank you so much, you really have changed my life.
Travis...Tried you video on bum marketing and earned $274.17 from clickbank...my first money ever online.
Brian J.
I just had to write you and tell you thank you.

I woke up and checked my clickbank, and suddenly got all teary-eyed.

I have sales!

Thanks man,

Travis You ar the Muthafckn Man you are saving me so much time. doing what I have been trying to do for the longest.

William R.
Hi Travis,

I just today subscribed to your Bum Marketing Course.

Travis, you know all those marketing salesletters that have testimonials from buyers that say things like:

"You really need to increase the price of this."

"This is an absolute goldmine at even FIVE times the price!"

I'm sure you've seen this before.

Well, I've NEVER said this to anyone because most of the marketing products out there are crap. And if I buy one that is very valuable, chances are I paid good money for it so I wouldn't write a testimonial telling the author to increase the price.

But honestly, I've been in Internet Marketing circles for a while now.. I can't say I've made a ton of money online (I've certainly made some though) but I've been around the block...I know what works and what doesn't. For me it's just a matter of discipline and then execution...but that's a whole other story...

Okay, I'll just say it:

Travis, I'm actually shocked that you're revealing this information for free! These are tactics that NOT a lot of people know about. I certainly know about them because I'm a very diligent observer of SE results. And I take notes. :)

But man oh man, you are giving away a ton of value here for nothing.. I commend you, Travis! You do realize that you could write an eBook about this though and generate a ton of buzz, right? (not to mention a whole lot of sales). No doubt about it.

By the way I'm not knocking you, just not sure if I'd have the guts to reveal as much as you have for free... Anyway, I just passed your course sign-up link onto a friend a few moments ago. And I know for a fact what you say works because I just received a Clickbank check the other day...and I don't have any website and don't do PPC (not currently but will be starting soon as I'm anxious to try some of the strategies in AdWords Miracle)...

Write back if you get a moment...

- Dave
"...A Fellow Bum.."
Hi Travis,

Just made my first sale through Bum Marketing -- Yeeesssss !!
Dave B.
Hello Travis,

I signed up to your Bum Marketing course because
of your excellent posts on WA that helped me a lot.

To be honest I didn't confirm the double optin
aweber subscription for quite some time and let it
sit in my inbox.

Yesterday, I was kind of bored so I did. As I
was reading your course I was literally shocked
that you are giving this course away. I know
someone reading this might think that this is just
a hyped testimonial, but when they read your
course they will realize it's not.

Seriously, I bought $97 ebooks that did not come
close to revealing what you are. And on top of
that they did not reveal a single niche, or an
actual application of what they teach like you
are doing.

I was forcing myself to not think about Bummarketing
so I could get some sleep at around 4 am :)

Thank You!
Travis, You are brilliant! Thank you for the fresh twist... Your Bum's info is going to put me over the top! You have helped me find the missing piece of the puzzle. Thank you for giving me and my family this priceless gift! Feel free to use me as a reference.

Randy Rater
Hi Travis,

My search is over! Your "Bum Marketing Method" is so easy to
understand, so HONEST and straight-forward that I can't wait to put it to use.

I can't believe I've been spinning my wheels on so much of the CRAP that's being marketed online. Many months and several hundred dollars and I have yet to see a dime in return. I have however learned enough to realize that your FREE marketing methods WILL work and I just wanted to Thank You!

I have lots of idea's and I'll let you know when I get my first sale.

Thank you again, I look forward to future lessons. : )
Russell W.
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